Quest is the weekly photo challenge theme.

At first glance, this word brings to mind King Arthur, the Holy Grail and all that but, on further consideration, I recall my personal quest — to make homemade bread!

I come from a long line of bakers with my eldest sister having inherited the knack for making bread. My mother did try to show me how to make cinnamon buns, once upon a time. However, that was not a success story. I did not grasp the time warp element of waiting for bread to rise!

Quite a few years later, I discovered a recipe that suited my beginner skill set. After watching the talented Chef Michael Smith make some no-knead Country Bread, City Bread, I decided to give it a try. Everything went according to plan, resulting in a delicious loaf of bread to accompany some homemade soup the next day.

Quest achieved! So happy was I that I wrote a poem to capture the memory of that milestone! 🙂


My first finished loaf of bread
no kneading required
was round and golden
hollow sounding to the tap
Only four tangible ingredients went into this masterpiece
In a big round mixing bowl I placed
bread flour
Then, I stirred this quartet
covered the mix with a cloth
set in a warm place
to rise
for 18 hours
Yes 18 hours!
And rise it did!
I removed the cover and
aimed my fist into the goopy mass of wet glutinous strands 
and pockets of air.
ready to be shaped into a loafy form
Then I covered it with my Irish linen towel
To rest
After a couple of hours,
The dough had reclaimed its height
It was ready to lift into a pre-heated
Hot cast-iron oven-proof cooking pot
Covered and placed in the oven.
In less than an hour
I retrieved this dark green pot from the oven
Lifted the lid and there it was
A loaf of perfection
Served later—thick slices with browned butter.

© 2016 Patricia McGoldrick

Later, I ventured to make bread again. The second loaf, pictured here,  was tasty but smaller. Inspired by Claire Tansey, another food expert, I made Irish brown bread — delicious. It is a perfect fit for St. Patrick’s Day meals!



As for the bread quest, I will be content to try this venture again — next year!

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