Each year, the winter season brings to this part of the world cold temperatures, lots of snow, usually,  and the occasional ice storm. The latter is a cause for concern with occasional power outages, traffic woes, natural losses of trees and other damages.

On the positive side, ice adds a Shine to the outdoors at a sometimes dreary time of year. Snow takes on a new aspect. Trees are luminous and autumn remainders are revitalized in gardens and shrubs.

Sometimes, a little gem is left on the deck, wrapped in translucent ice. This little red flower from a maple tree caught my eye!



Before signing off for the weekend, I would like to share that one of my essays was published in the new Nancy Drew Anthology. Here is the cover photo with author names listed on the back. As a young girl, frequent patron of the Grand Valley Public Library*, I took a shine to stories about Nancy Drew and her adventures. In my essay, Secrets and Clues and Mysteries, Oh My!, I shared about that time and place. How exciting to be part of this publication about one of my favourite fiction characters!

*By the way, sadly, the original red brick Carnegie library in Grand Valley was destroyed  by a tornado in 1985.


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