This week’s photo challenge theme happens to be chaos.

It seems to be a suitable choice for this time of year. Trees are changing colour, people and animals are harvesting for winter days to come and perennial gardens are reflecting a state that could be described as chaos. This photo with its beautiful shades of orange and amber reflects the disarray of flowers and ornamental grasses in my garden after they have peaked. Despite the chaotic look of the perennials, they express to me that special beauty of the autumn season!



Along with this photo, I wanted to share the good news that one of my poems is posted today — haiku by Patricia McGoldrick . I wrote it in response to a call for poems on the theme, prized possession.

This green object of my poem was a small fixture in our home when I was a child. Seems to me that it might have been a constant in the sometimes chaotic midst of a family of 10 — 2 parents and 8 children. I have inherited it, so to speak, since my parents have passed. It has always been in the background, somewhere, as a new family has grown.

Now it sits atop a china cabinet in the dining room, hosting a shamrock  for the winter.

It catches my eye as I pass through from the kitchen. Not worth any great monetary value but it reminds me of the special people who made it such a prized possession.


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