Autumn brilliance is fading in this part of the world but, sometimes, there is still a surprise or two.

As I looked out the kitchen window this week, I briefly mourned the loss of scarlet leaves from the Engleman’s Ivy that covers the wire fence. However, I rallied quickly and reminded myself to look forward to next year.

Then, I noticed a light-coloured dot at the top of said vine. I looked again at this little  yellow globe. Was it a leaf? a flower? This required further investigation.

I took out my camera, zoomed in on the fence. There, it was, a tiny ripe apple, in all its glory. The neighbour’s apples fell a few weeks ago so I am left wondering about this stray survivor.

It was a welcome site on a cloudy November day. Most of all, it seemed like a fitting inspiration for the Tiny photo challenge! This week was marked by events, not so tiny, as well. The consequences of an election to the south, far from tiny in scope, will be unfolding in days to come. Despite the negative tone of the campaign, as new administration takes over, may the winds of tolerance blow favourably for all.

The week was also marked by the surprising news of Leonard Cohen‘s passing. The longtime poet, singer/songwriter was famous for his unique poetic style and deep baritone voice. His songs and ballad filled many moments for generations. May he rest in peace.

Have a great weekend!




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