A while back, I shared with you all some good news — becoming a first-time grandmother! My husband & I are so thankful and thrilled at the safe arrival of a son to our daughter & son-in-law on November 17 2016.

Just over two months old, now, baby Jack is a wonder to behold!

As I went through the local newspaper at year’s end, I saw an album full of photos of this past year’s newborns. It was arranged with some print pics of block letters that caught my eye. This Grandma selected the ones that would make a perfect outline of “Jack” to act as a cover for our first photo album of our grandson!

Repurpose works for me!




Relax on Gratitude Friday!

dscn2902Big news!

1st grandchild has arrived safely & well to daughter & husband on November 17, 2016! He is thriving with love!

Gratitude Friday is named Baby Jack!

Have a great weekend!

Written for Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax