In response to the The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge Look Up, I immediately thought of the sky.

As I have mentioned previously, clouds are a real drawing card for me. I like the ever-changing skyscape.

Sometimes, however, there is another type of substance in the sky — those puffy white trails left as jets soar across the sky.

As I watch them appear, then dissipate, I wonder to myself about the destination of this plane, the passengers and their baggage of hopes and dreams. Safe journey to all!





 Announcement: Thanks to all who responded to my recent blog post! The bird seen in the right side of photo was a hawk. This bird of prey is a frequent flyer in this area. 

Ironically, perhaps, I found a Daily Post photo challenge,  Sky, that is spot-on with my recent Cumulus Catch. Due to the timing of this challenge,  I thought that I would linger a bit on the cloud theme, sharing my photo of an arrow cloud here and a couple of poems below.

This week has offered a feast of planets in the night-time sky. Check out EarthSky site!

However, it is the day-time clouds that mostly draw my attention, even lead to a poem or two. These two poems were written a few years ago, in response to a prompt at Poetic Asides. On a Grateful Friday, I would like to share these “sky” related poems which were inspired by an online group of poetic voices for which I am so grateful to have met.


Sitting on the back deck
Coffee in hand
Feels like I am in Montana
Or maybe Saskatchewan
The cumulus clouds are rolling
Changing their shapes
Sometimes there are camels
Or elephants or apes
In the big sky like Montana
Or prairie wispy dogs of Saskatchewan


I could sit and watch
All day
First a “J”
Then a boot
It morphed into a butterfly
White and pristine
Transformed into a llama
Then galloped away.

Both poems posted November 16 ‘09 at Poetic Asides November 2009 PAD Challenge


Have a great weekend, All!





Cumulus catch!

Have to confess — I am a cloud-watcher from way back!

Fortunately, I live in a house that is built on a hillside with a deck that overlooks  some beautiful trees and houses. Also, it provides an all-season view of clouds.

Storm clouds, cirrus, shelf clouds and many others come and go as the seasons pass.

Whether I see faces or animals outlined in the sky, I am particularly drawn to cumulus clouds in their various forms.

The sky is clear and blue today but I thought that I would share this photo that I took of  a cumulus cloud (on its way to cumulonimbus?) some time ago as I tried to capture a feathered frequent flyer. IMG_2273

Can you spot the bird? Identify this one, too? Please let me know in a comment below.

Have a great day!