Garden Textures


When I saw the “textures” photo prompt, yesterday, I thought of many summer garden features. Then I took a look at one of my favourites — red geraniums. These flowering plants are part of childhood memories for me and an encouraging part of warm weather colour in my container garden.

I kept in mind the recent photos of these gems as I stepped onto the deck for a closer look  and a touch of these distinct smelling classics. One plant is faring well in the antique stainless steel milking pail that I managed to save from my parents’ farm. The shiny silver tone provides a complementary backdrop to the green leaves & red blooms with textures that inspired me to write a haiku in their honour.

summer haiku 

red velvet flowers 
blooming in Surge milking pail 
geranium bliss

©2017 Patricia McGoldrick

I decided to share this duo on a perfectly hot summer day!





Autumn has arrived!

Each year, the season leads to a Transformation of the outdoors in this part of the world.

Best of all, I like the look of the leaves as they change from green to shades of red, orange, yellow, amber, purple.



Another aspect of this transformation that I find appealing, is the sound of leaves, crisp and light, as they skitter across the pavement.

Now, I realize that these leaves are considered to be a darn right nuisance to a lot of people but I like to focus on the positives that they add to these cooler days.

Snow is not too far away!


Cherry on top — basil!!!


Cherry on top!

Container gardening is a summer project for the last few years. The plants are easy to access and provide that fresh addition to meals and sandwiches.

There have been many successes with herbs and a few vegetables plus ever plentiful cherry tomatoes. Although Swiss chard was an easy grow, I do not recommend trying to grow pattypan squash.

So wonderful to harvest some sweet yellow peppers, juicy cherry tomatoes and some herbs. Basil is truly the “cherry on top” for many dishes — salads, casseroles, pasta, pizza. Relish!