O Canada, so grateful every day to be here.

Sometimes, I wonder about my great-grandparents who made the big move from Ireland to Canada. What motivated them to cross an ocean? There were probably many economic factors involved with their hopes and dreams of a future for their generation and those to come.

Fortunately, family members have researched family roots and compiled a book that tells at least part of the story.

This blogger started out in rural Ontario, surrounded by acres of arable land, plentiful water supplies and shady trees, along with a woodlot. Although I now live in a city, those years of living on the land, left me with an appreciation of the fact that Canada was a country that could nourish a huge population with food, livelihoods and futures.

This Canada reaches from sea to sea to sea. We share a lengthy border with a neighbour; mostly a pleasant and beneficial relationship for both countries.

Thus far, I have had a chance to visit the eastern part of our country. These travels have inspired a poem or two or three. Happy to share a link, to one of my poems that was accepted this week. I gave it the title Discovery!

Best to all who are celebrating Canada on July 1. Still a work in progress but there is hope for the future on this very small planet.


Container garden







Well, we have passed the shortest day of the year! That is always a hopeful sign to me.

As 2016 draws to a close, the landscape is covered with snow, with BBQ hibernating for the winter.

As I look back on this whirlwind year, it seems to me that hope is much needed for the year to come.

Perhaps, the seasonal lights that shine around the world for various celebrations are little beacons of hope.

May the coming year be good to us all.

Best to those who have stopped by to read this blog & comment a time or two.

Enjoy the holidays!