Sunny summer days come to a close with amazing sunsets in some parts of this province. Off the shores of Lake Huron, rural landscapes provide a spectacular Frame for an amazing sunset.

Recently, near Goderich, I caught a glimpse of the sunset through drought-parched field corn. The pointed stalks seemed to frame the quite well!

Thankfully, there has been some rainfall since I took this photo. Harvest will be improved, I’m sure!




Summer! It doesn’t officially arrive for a few more days; however, thoughts of the season conjure up memories of these treasured days.

Happy to share that some of my words, written for a summer theme, are posted today at

Winter is long, here, in Canada. To me, that explains the appeal of warmer days with so many little moments. The challenge of skipping stones in Lake Huron, planning for future apple crisps and pies, just the sheer delight of purple irises, all provided the inspiration for these poems.

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Have a great week!






Sometimes, the greatest treasures are found close to home.

In southwestern Ontario, we are blessed with proximity to the Great Lakes, green forests, farms, cities, and a host of small towns and villages that do their best to survive and thrive in a challenging economy.
These places invite a visit or two, weather-permitting.

This week, Goderich was the port-of-call. Following a few days of stormy weather, Lake Huron‘s coastal waters were rather brown, unlike the beautiful blues & greens of the lake in summer; however, the waves were still mesmerizing to watch.

The town square has been rebuilt since a devastating tornado swept through and a variety of restaurants offer delicious food for hungry visitors. Interesting shops offer a variety of items for customers.

Most all, though, the lakeshore drew us to our favourite Great Lake. It was windy and cold but refreshing to walk along the boardwalk — truly a positive feature for the waterfront area.

It was easy to linger by the water but, eventually, it was time to leave.

Fortunately, before leaving, we caught a glimpse of a series of inukshuks, built by visitors to the lake. These rock structures are a wonder to see. Sadly, they are no more. You can find out about this story at this news link:  Goderich’s inukshuks demolished after woman falls while posing for photo

This photo that I took will keep them in my memory. Not sure if this treasure will be rebuilt but it was a great sight to see! 🙂