For Humboldt


In Ontario, weeks after the Humboldt hockey team tragedy, I took down my son’s worn hockey stick that, like many across Canada, had stood at the front door in memory of the lives lost in April. I parked it in the garage ‘til next year.


Hockey stick at front door

I know in my heart, sadly, that many miles away some other hockey sticks will not see another season.

Shelving the weathered stick from son’s teen hockey days, I sighed, mourning for those left behind in the Humboldt community.

Ironically, perhaps, as I closed the garage door, a somewhat reluctant wry grin began to form as I realized and I knew in my heart that many miles away some newly crafted hockey sticks would be picked up for a new season as the indomitable spirit lives on. As another season begins, I wish the best for the Humboldt community & I wrote this haiku poem for them.

Haiku for Humboldt

hockey players gather

fresh sticks whack frozen black puck

heart glides on ice

©2018 Patricia McGoldrick


Geraniums so bold!


A brilliant geranium plant is blooming in the living room, despite the winter weather that is covering the outdoors in white.

I thought that a photo of this burst of colour might just fit with a recent photo prompt for a touch of Cheeky




Pumpkins all around!


Hallowe’en day has arrived & it seems like the community is turning a bit orange, around here.

It seemed fitting to respond to  the Rounded photo prompt for this week with my pics of the pumpkin carved by Eric, my all-time favourite pumpkin carver!

Sometimes the pumpkin is wearing a rounded-up smile; this year it is rounded down.

Best to all on this October exit day!


Happy Thanksgiving!


Autumn has officially started. Colours of red & gold have transformed many trees in the neighbourhood. The harvest moon, amidst some cloud cover, illuminated the night sky this week.

One of my favourite blog sites to visit has prompted readers to post some photos on a theme of orange for the  Flower of the day.

As it happens, some nasturtiums are blooming in a flower pot in the front yard. Shades of cream & gold are interspersed with vibrant orange. Please enjoy my photo!


As the Thanksgiving weekend begins here in Canada, it is a time to celebrate the harvest and the bounty of the fields and gardens. Gathering together, we are grateful for another year in this special Canada 150. Best to all who are celebrating at this time.

Garden Textures


When I saw the “textures” photo prompt, yesterday, I thought of many summer garden features. Then I took a look at one of my favourites — red geraniums. These flowering plants are part of childhood memories for me and an encouraging part of warm weather colour in my container garden.

I kept in mind the recent photos of these gems as I stepped onto the deck for a closer look  and a touch of these distinct smelling classics. One plant is faring well in the antique stainless steel milking pail that I managed to save from my parents’ farm. The shiny silver tone provides a complementary backdrop to the green leaves & red blooms with textures that inspired me to write a haiku in their honour.

summer haiku 

red velvet flowers 
blooming in Surge milking pail 
geranium bliss

©2017 Patricia McGoldrick

I decided to share this duo on a perfectly hot summer day!




O Canada, so grateful every day to be here.

Sometimes, I wonder about my great-grandparents who made the big move from Ireland to Canada. What motivated them to cross an ocean? There were probably many economic factors involved with their hopes and dreams of a future for their generation and those to come.

Fortunately, family members have researched family roots and compiled a book that tells at least part of the story.

This blogger started out in rural Ontario, surrounded by acres of arable land, plentiful water supplies and shady trees, along with a woodlot. Although I now live in a city, those years of living on the land, left me with an appreciation of the fact that Canada was a country that could nourish a huge population with food, livelihoods and futures.

This Canada reaches from sea to sea to sea. We share a lengthy border with a neighbour; mostly a pleasant and beneficial relationship for both countries.

Thus far, I have had a chance to visit the eastern part of our country. These travels have inspired a poem or two or three. Happy to share a link, to one of my poems that was accepted this week. I gave it the title Discovery!

Best to all who are celebrating Canada on July 1. Still a work in progress but there is hope for the future on this very small planet.


Container garden