2017! The new year has arrived with all the excitement of moving forward in our lives.

As the old year ended, I encountered a small surprise in the snow outside our home. A mix of snow, ice, more snow and wind, resulted in the formation of a snow roller. Previously, I had only seen these cute little bits of snow in pics on the news or weather station.

Quickly, I retrieved my camera to get a few photos. This is what I saw as it rested at the bottom of a small hill. The pathway on the left was 3 or 4 yards/metres in length. In the background, there is a less successful example this little phenomenon.


Ironically, I soon found a poetry prompt online that called for a snowflake presence in a poem. Instantly, I knew that I wanted to write about the “Surprise” that I had found in the snow. My poem is posted at the link listed below:


Happy New Year to all!


Anticipation is today’s photo prompt!

Tis the season of anticipation, it seems to me! I could make a list, not in any particular order, of course:

  • Ending one year, looking forward to another;
  • Awaiting the good news that one of my poems, Prelude to Innisfree,  was accepted by Poetry Breakfast. Please stop by for a read!
  • Listening to one of my all-time favourite songs by Carly Simon;
  • Arrival of first grandchild — first holiday celebrations with this little guy;
  • Spring — you might be wondering about this seasonal anticipation but it is soundly based in the unusual bird population that has been visiting the backyard this year; and, on that note, I will share a photo that I took of a previously unseen feathered visitor that I saw this morning. If you recognize this bright spot, please comment below. Despite several tries, I could only get a head-down photo. 🙂dscn3005

By the way, if you get a chance to read my poem, I share that it is based on childhood memory of enjoying produce from the garden. I did not realize how meticulous my efforts might appear to visiting cousins or siblings, but those sandwiches sure tasted great! My culinary expertise has earned a bit of a reputation, I understand.

Also, before I sign off for the weekend, here is a link to  The Lake Isle of Innisfree, where, thanks to early technology,  you can hear a reading of this poem by the poet, himself. William Butler Yeats has been one of my most admired poets,  that I discovered in high school, a few years after the onion sandwich craze. 🙂

Have a great weekend, All.

Stay safe in the snow!


On this snowy December day, here in wintry Ontario of the Northern Hemisphere, I have been pondering what to share for the photo prompt of a New Horizon.

With recent events in neighbouring United States, climate change panic, and world-wide economic instability, I was at a loss to choose a starting point for selecting a suitable photo.

Then, as fate would have it, I looked out the sliding window door panes to a nearby linden tree. The sunlight shining on the almost leafless branches was highlighting some orange spots. I rushed to get my camera. It was not a partridge in a pear tree but a group of robins! Yes robins!


Indeed, earlier this week, several houses away, I had seen at least 20 of these “signs of spring” in a snow-covered yard. Today, at least half a dozen flew into this linden tree, & a trio managed to remain long enough for me to capture in a photo.

I wonder. Are these out-of-season robins a portent of changing times and climes? Will they adapt to the cold quickly to survive? Did they get separated from their peers on their migratory track?

Are we all looking towards a new horizon in 2017??? What do you think? Drop me a comment below, if you wish. 🙂






Relax on Gratitude Friday!

dscn2902Big news!

1st grandchild has arrived safely & well to daughter & husband on November 17, 2016! He is thriving with love!

Gratitude Friday is named Baby Jack!

Have a great weekend!

Written for Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax




It’s not this time of year without… squirrels and chipmunks!

These small creatures are hyper busy these days, scurrying about the yards and lawns in search of treasures to store for the winter.

They fend for themselves, very well! When the leaves fall, the community is aware that many trees have these big nests in them.

This particular squirrel was quite brazen, climbing onto the deck. Next spring, I’m sure that I will find a few items in the flower pots that are not anything that I planted! C’est la vie!

dscn2626         Busy week celebrating safe arrival of first            grandchild!

Also, had some good news that some of my poems were published at Tuesday: Poetic Leaves of Autumn.

Have a great weekend, All!



It has been a windy weekend, with leaves scattering all over the place!

Each day the sun is setting earlier. With that happening, it was extra welcoming to see the full moon rising through the bare tree branches this evening.

This November super moon is memorable for its historic occurrence and its beauty, overall.

Here is a photo that I took for posterity!





Autumn brilliance is fading in this part of the world but, sometimes, there is still a surprise or two.

As I looked out the kitchen window this week, I briefly mourned the loss of scarlet leaves from the Engleman’s Ivy that covers the wire fence. However, I rallied quickly and reminded myself to look forward to next year.

Then, I noticed a light-coloured dot at the top of said vine. I looked again at this little  yellow globe. Was it a leaf? a flower? This required further investigation.

I took out my camera, zoomed in on the fence. There, it was, a tiny ripe apple, in all its glory. The neighbour’s apples fell a few weeks ago so I am left wondering about this stray survivor.

It was a welcome site on a cloudy November day. Most of all, it seemed like a fitting inspiration for the Tiny photo challenge! This week was marked by events, not so tiny, as well. The consequences of an election to the south, far from tiny in scope, will be unfolding in days to come. Despite the negative tone of the campaign, as new administration takes over, may the winds of tolerance blow favourably for all.

The week was also marked by the surprising news of Leonard Cohen‘s passing. The longtime poet, singer/songwriter was famous for his unique poetic style and deep baritone voice. His songs and ballad filled many moments for generations. May he rest in peace.

Have a great weekend!