Garden Textures


When I saw the “textures” photo prompt, yesterday, I thought of many summer garden features. Then I took a look at one of my favourites — red geraniums. These flowering plants are part of childhood memories for me and an encouraging part of warm weather colour in my container garden.

I kept in mind the recent photos of these gems as I stepped onto the deck for a closer look  and a touch of these distinct smelling classics. One plant is faring well in the antique stainless steel milking pail that I managed to save from my parents’ farm. The shiny silver tone provides a complementary backdrop to the green leaves & red blooms with textures that inspired me to write a haiku in their honour.

summer haiku 

red velvet flowers 
blooming in Surge milking pail 
geranium bliss

©2017 Patricia McGoldrick

I decided to share this duo on a perfectly hot summer day!





Summer! It doesn’t officially arrive for a few more days; however, thoughts of the season conjure up memories of these treasured days.

Happy to share that some of my words, written for a summer theme, are posted today at

Winter is long, here, in Canada. To me, that explains the appeal of warmer days with so many little moments. The challenge of skipping stones in Lake Huron, planning for future apple crisps and pies, just the sheer delight of purple irises, all provided the inspiration for these poems.

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Have a great week!