The conversation has started!
This week, after days of build-up, the annual Bell Let’s Talk day is in full gear! This has become an excellent focus for fund-raising to aid mental health awareness with sharing the hashtag #BellLetsTalk.

Media messages are everywhere, with celebrities and individuals sharing their stories and encouragement for people to join together to support mental health.
As I looked out on the sunlit snow this morning on the deck, I saw a chick-a-dee, a woolly-looking black squirrel and a quick moving chipmunk. I wonder if this trio is liking the rather unpredictable winter. Seemed like all is well in this moment.
Then, I noticed an unwritten lined page drawn by the sun’s rays.  
A gentle reminder to write a few words, perhaps? Do you have a story for today? Take a moment to open a file, find a pen & paper, maybe record your voice with an anecdote or two. 
Enjoy the day!


Welcome to this fresh start for 2016!
In the midst of all the year’s end celebrations, being rather Optimistic, I decided that the new year would be a great time to make a few changes, starting with this blog.
I took a photo of the full moon as it rose. To me, the full moon represents an optimistic note as the  cycle continues. Enjoy!

2016 January full moon